Fixing the 'Reinstall Slowly Cannot Detect Ink' Error on Brother MFC-J200 Printer

Fixing the 'Reinstall Slowly Cannot Detect Ink' Error on Brother MFC-J200 Printer

Have you ever felt frustrated when you were about to print a work assignment or college task, and suddenly your printer malfunctioned? Well, that’s a personal experience I had while working at a private school that used a Brother product, the Brother MFC-J200 Printer. I must admit, this printer is very durable and robust. After learning about its history, I found out that it had not been serviced for many years.

This time, we will discuss how to easily fix the "Reinstall Slowly Cannot Detect Ink" error on the Brother MFC-J200 Printer. Let's take a look!

How to Fix the "Reinstall Slowly" Error and Ink Detection Issue on Brother MFC-J200 Printer

Initial Incident

While enjoying printing, the printer suddenly stopped and displayed an error message saying "Reinstall Slowly," indicating that there might be some ink that the printer cannot detect.


Before discussing the solution, it's a good idea to calm yourself and take a deep breath, so you don't get carried away by emotions while searching for the root of the problem. Let's get started!

Open the Paper Tray

The first thing you need to do is open the paper tray, so we can easily access several printer components related to the ink issue. The image below gives you an idea of what it looks like.

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Release the Hook (Sensor Lever) on the Side of the Paper Tray

When the paper tray is released, it helps us to open the hook (sensor lever) located beside the tray, as far as I know its function is to set the ink position to neutral. (if I'm not mistaken) That's the gist of it. Just follow along. The hook can be seen as in the picture below.

Release All Ink One by One

The purpose is to check which ink is problematic and undetected. Do this by releasing each one individually, then reattaching it. Also, try with the other inks until all inks are detected on the printer screen without any error messages.

Reattach the Hook / Lever Sensor

After alternating opening and closing the inks, now let's see if there's still a "reinstall slowly" message on our Brother printer. Reattach the sensor lever that was previously removed and check the printer screen. If you see the message "did you changes ………." then select 1. Yes. If you see "Data Remaining" followed by "Receiving Data". CONGRATULATIONS. You've succeeded!!!

Reinstall Paper Tray

If there are no more error messages, reinstall the paper tray. Your Brother MFC-J200 printer is now ready to use.

You can also watch the video directly for instructions below.

"That's a tutorial on how to overcome errors on the Brother MFC-J200 printer: Reinstall Slowly Cannot Detect Ink. Please share if you find it useful. Thank you."